Currently, Jack has three books that are available to purchase, Are There Loopholes in God’s GraceLiving Without Limits and Marriage: Romance or No Chance (also available in a Kindle Edition).


Are There Loopholes in God’s Grace?

Take an honest look into the two extreme types of grace. Jack defines those two extremes as, “loophole grace” and “rat-hole grace.” Are There Loopholes in God’s Grace? will challenge you to rethink and restudy what you may have considered a settled issue about this important doctrine.

Jack will help you look deeply within the challenges facing the Lord’s church now, and in the future, pertaining to those wanting to use grace as a license to excuse and justify that which should never be accepted.

This book will delve into such topics as: What is Grace Anyway, Can I Lose Grace, Grace and the Cross, Our Need for Grace, When Grace Confronts the Past, The Power of Grace

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Marriage: Romance or No Chance

I believe we can take steps to divorce proof our marriages when two hearts are mingled and mixed in such a way as to never give up. This book is a compilation of things which I have encountered, studied, and have been told. It is my intent to encourage, explain and stimulate toward making even good marriages better. Whether your marriage has just begun, is currently in trouble, or going strong you will find beneficial things to be applied from this book.


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Living Without Limits

This book, which has sold thousands of copies, will help you remove the shackles of your limits and you will discover you were created to be outstanding. Living Without Limits is an irresistible read with a monumental message. It offers great guidance on how to break any barriers that may be impeding your progress. Delightful and motivating, it challenges you to let go of restrictive behaviors, embrace your dream, and make a bigger difference.


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