Jesus Loves Me!

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Jesus Loves Me Cross

She entered my office with tears in her eyes. She was shaking uncontrollably and it was obvious, whatever was the cause of this emotional outburst, she was devastated. She sat in one of my chairs and leaned forward letting her hair cover her face to hide her pain. After a few moments of silence, I began the session with a prayer not knowing her story yet but asking God for help that I would encourage her in the right way and that she would find the Biblical solution to whatever her problem might be.

She took a deep breath and began. Hers was a tale of wrong choices, abuse, and being taken advantage of for most of her adult life. She felt like a doormat that was only good for collecting the dirt from everyone else. She even described herself as a paper towel. Why? She felt like a person others used and discarded. In short, she felt unloved, unappreciated, and without any possibility of life getting better.

I began slowly and methodically to ease her back into a Godly reality. That reality that knows God loves us. No, He doesn’t condone our sin, but he surely loves the sinner. Some thoroughly confuse God’s love for His acceptance of whatever their sin problem is, she wasn’t confused about her sin problem.  As we talked, her posture got better and her eyes cleared. She was angry, not at others, rather toward herself. She took responsibility for her choices and admitted it had taken some time for her to admit she needed to change.

She was raised in a Christian home and knew how disappointing her life had been to her parents. I love to watch the eyes of someone who truly gets why our Lord and Savior went to the cross. It happened suddenly with her. I mentioned that her past was not her potential and that she must be worth saving because Jesus died for “everyone” and He is all-knowing. When we got to the part where I asked her is she could name one sin, just one, that the blood of Jesus couldn’t take away. She sat in silence for the longest.

It will always be true that the greatest message we need to know from our Savior is that He loves us. I have never met anyone that wasn’t a sinner. Nor have I met anyone who was allowed to sin without being held accountable by God. Right in the middle of all the talk about health reform, elections, social security and Medicare overhaul, terrorism, and Wall Street protesters is the much needed Biblical message that God loves us and the invitation still exists to all who are willing to obey to spend an eternity in an indescribable place He calls heaven. Friends, when we can look anyone in the eyes and tell them there is hope if they are willing to do God’s bidding, then it is absolute truth, Jesus does truly love each and every one of us. Amen and Amen!