When I Get to Heaven

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It was Avon Malone who I heard use this illustration first. It touched and challenged me so deeply that I have used it in sermons for years. It is about the father whose twelve year old boy is in a hospital battling a terminal illness. The boy, and his father, had been suddenly left on their own two years ago due to the death of his mother. To say the least, times were difficult and getting worse. Dad was barely hanging on and kept telling himself God is the same loving and compassionate God whether one is on a mountain top or in the valley.

On this particular day, the father was standing outside the hospital room of his son talking to the doctor. The news was another crushing blow which caused him to sag against the wall shaking his head no while holding his face in his hands. There was nothing the doctors could do. It wouldn’t be long for his son who was so young and such a source of joy for all those he was around.

The father told the doctor that he wanted to tell his son personally, when the time was right. As the doctor walked away, he did his best to compose himself before entering his son’s room. They were both Christians. His son had been baptized into Christ by his father only a few weeks before this last episode with his health. He wiped his eyes as best he could and cleared his throat. He paused and took a deep breath before pushing the door open and entering the room with a big smile exclaiming how good it was to see his best friend. His eyes met the crystal blue eyes of his son and it was all he could do to hold it together.

The twelve year old boy, perceptive to a fault, sat up in bed, “It’s bad news isn’t it dad?”

“Yes,” the father replied, gulping hard to rid himself of the lump in his throat.

A broad smile came across the young boys face as he looked at his dad and said, “Don’t worry about me dad, I’m a Christian, and when I get to heaven, I going to walk right up to Jesus and tell Him I had the greatest dad in the whole world.”

That story, as I mentioned earlier, always challenges me to be the best example God would have me to be. It is impossible for me, or any father, to be the best dad we could be if we are not a Christian. The greatest example I can give to my loved ones is to be faithful to God. The little boy in this story depicts well what Ralph Parlette said in his book “The University of Hard Knocks.” Parlette said, “It isn’t the size of the bump that counts, it is the attitude of the bumpee.” This story also makes me ponder if it were one of my loved ones instead of that little boy, what would they say about me. Revelation 14:13.

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  1. I have heard Brother Avon Malone preach a lot of times. I loved his sermons and I also loved listening to you. Your sermons inspire me too.